Hello i am selling an indoor grow tent with led grow light possible to vegetated anything with good care but not less care. Up to fit five 10 gallon pots, so basically whether you decide to go hydroponics or soil, you're good for winter/all season growth. Able to focus light for precise grow, programmed with bloom/growth for the seasonal recreation change bottons. Light covers the whole tent space, plus disarmable tent with heavy duty zippers for no light escaping it. Both light and tent are new. Everything is new, including 5 gallon pots with a pack of 5 Heavy Duty Plant Saucer for each pot.
Tent Measuring 48-Inches Long x 48-Inchs Wide x 78-Inches Tall.
I know this is a quick buy, only thing I ask take good care of it. I paid about for it all. Think about it and come back to me ( First come. first serve)
Reason for selling is don't have time to look after it, always on the move.
If you got the time and patience you could triple your earnings with this.. All missing now is the seed to plant.
I will trow in as well , a Thermometer Temperature Meter , Adjustable Grow Light Rope, Micro-Tip Pruning Snip( trimming (scissors), Food for the plants and more if interested let me know.
W LED light One of the best led light out in the market.