Elegant NAD Surround Sound Receiver with Phono input, and excellent sound quality.
Most A/V receivers available on the market today focus predominantly on the Video and Surround Sound aspects, leaving the audio circuitry almost as an afterthought. With NAD's reputation for high value / high performance it was obvious that the Model AV 713 would have to please Audiophiles and Videophiles alike.
By doing away with many costly and superfluous features, the designers concentrated only on the truly important parts of an A/V receiver. The NAD Model AV 713 uses discreet output stages only, including the surround channels. The benefits of this approach have been proven over the years in many acclaimed NAD amplifiers and receivers. The integrated output modules favoured by so many other designs will deliver a decent amount of power under laboratory conditions, driving an 8 ohms resistor, but can have great difficulties in driving moderately difficult speakers.
Using circuitry derived from NAD's renowned EDP technology, the NAD Model AV 713 will drive 4 ohms loudspeakers with ease and deliver high amounts of dynamic power.
As one would expect from any NAD component, the Model AV 713 offers great flexibility. Two video, two Tape, a CD and a Phono input allows you to connect all your sources with ease.
Ease of use is another key factor for NAD products and the Model AV 713 is no exception. The built-in PinkNoise generator -accessible by remote control- allows for accurate calibrating of the Front, Center and Surround speakers.