Hello! We have a pet friendly room for rent right by Algonquin College. The rent is 402.83 and then utilities are separate though it's rare for everything to ever go over 500 a month. It is a house that fits six people (So, five others including yourself). There is a cat as well as a dog (though it is a therapy trained dog and very well behaved....but it doesn't get along very well with other dogs). The room is abouts 10 feet by 11 feet and you will have a shared bathroom with one other girl. There are also 2 fridges so you would only be sharing a fridge with 2 other people. We have a washer and dryer in the house and also have a dishwasher. We have a chore list of sorts so the house stays pretty tidy. Our ages range from 22-26 with only one person being male (as a couple shares the master bedroom with ensuite). There is also room around the house for anything (like furniture) that doesn't fit into the bedroom. We also have a fenced in backyard with a deck.
If you have any questions just let me know!
Oh! First and last is required!
(I've asked the roommate living in the room to tidy it up but this was the best he would do. Sorry it's a bit messy!)