Brand new in the box.
I bought it about 4 months ago with the intention of doing landscape photography but my health has prevented me from pursuing this facet of photography.
It has only been tested for accuracy and operation.
A very accurate light meter from Sekonic that is their top of the line meter.
Spot & Incident Light Readings Under Flash and/or Ambient Lighting Conditions Calibrated to match the Sensitivity of Your Camera's Imaging Sensor
The Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster is simply the most dynamic light meter you will ever own. It can record incident or 1-degree spot-readings under ambient and/or strobe lighting down to a tenth-stop in accuracy, and it's sealed against the nastiest of weather.
With the included Sekonic RT-32 Radio Transmitter Module and you can wirelessly trigger PocketWizard-enabled flash systems within a 100' range. But that's not what makes the Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster different from any other meter you have owned.
What moves the L-758DR DigitalMaster to the head of the class is that it is the only meter that can be calibrated to read light the way the sensor in your particular camerareads light.
Exposures accurate down to a tenth-of-a-stop in full-stop mode for both ambient
Built-in 1-degree spot meter features an adjustable diopter (-2.5 to 1.0d), and is threaded for 30.5mm filters
Up to 9 readings can be stored in memory for meter averaging and contrast evaluations in aperture and shutter priority modes.
For mixed lighting scenarios, the Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster displays the combined exposure values of both flash.
This is perfect for metering a distant object that is impossible to get close to.
Perfect for landscape photography as well as close-up macro photography.
No scuffs or scratches.
Comes with Lanyard, Manual, Radio Module for PocketWizard control, USB cable and the label for the back of the meter.
I have the original factory box with the CD and 2 new rechargeable A123 batteries with charger to keep you up and running without buying batteries for it ever again.
This sells for over $ in Canada.
Asking only $650.
Call 613-226- to come over and try it out.