A really amazing All-Mountain ski, on Eastern hard-pack as well as Western powder. Truly a one ski quiver for all conditions. Must sell. One year old. Sidecut: 128-98-118. Radius=16m. Bindings Included: Release values DIN 3-12; Brand: KneeBindings - made in Vermont with unique protection against ACL injuries (pure lateral release at the heel as well as the usual release left and right at the toe and upward/forward at the heel) - If not familiar with KneeBindings try this review on ski.com: http://www.skis.com/All-About-the-Knee-Binding/article-3-27-,default,pg.html or go to kneebinding.com). If you prefer, I could instead provide an unused pair of Marker Squire bindings. Price: $650 with the Knee Bindings, $600 with the Marker Squires.