I have some childrens toy for sale. A lot of Polly Pockets and Miss Party Surprise. Bratz and Board games will be a different ad.
If interested, please email or text me.
Polly Pocket large items: $5.00 each or $40.00 for everything.
Polly Pockets dolls (each bag comes with a doll and clothing): $0.50 or 3 for $4.00
Little Miss Party Surprise (Each comes with a bag that comes with the set):
Mermaid: $5.00
Beach (Yellow one): $4.00
Horse Carousel: $6.00
Fancy blue: $5.00
Disco Party Place (Purple with the palm tree)-Items inside, needs batteries: $6.00-If you would like to see this I can send you an email or text with a picture of it.
Chalk board (Could be used to keep score for darts(Cricket) or just for fun for children): $7.00