Hi there,
LarryB here. Thanks for dropping in today...
One of my life long goals, as simple as it is, is to really help anybody who wants to improve their lives through the sport, art and science, of Fishing. Vet or new to this sport, I want anyone and everyone, old or young, to be able to afford top notch personal coaching. Whether you really love to fish, or if you've never even tried it before. If you are old or young or anywhere in between, you can catch fish and more fish and have fun at it. I'll show you how. I'll take pictures of it too.
I've been a successful sport fisherman for over 40 years. You can find me on Google with my own keywords "larrybourgeois outdoorsy Canadian" and as you will see, I'm loaded with ways to help You personally, get more out of your days in the future.
What I offer is a no holds barred and unlimited sharing, of time proven techniques, ideas, methods, tricks and tips, used throughout your session or sessions. One on one tutoring and coaching to sharpen or mend, any of your weak parts. I make sure you have a proven basic sound foundation to work on.
Have children? Fishing it seems, is pretty well, one of those natural things that kids seem to love right from the start, kind of like riding a bike. :)
If you are new to fishing I'll show you all of the right ways to do things, to ensure your enjoyment and success.
Oh ya, I also Guarantee all of my work. No happy, no pay. How's that? :)
Send me an E-mail so that we can work out a time to talk about setting up your first session this summer.
Thank you for checking out my little outdoorsy educational offer here to-day.